Conference, Breakout Session, Round-Table Meeting, & Seminar Photography

We have photographed over a million attendees in training sessions across six different continents (although we’re still waiting for an assignment in Antarctica). We’ve covered seminars and speaking engagements for corporate training, personal development, network marketing, and more. If you are hosting a seminar or conference and would like to document the event with high quality photos, our team can deliver outstanding images of your speakers engaging with audience members.

While the event industry has access to some of the most beautiful and state-of-the-art ballrooms in the world, they are rarely designed with photography in mind. Many event photographers tend to falter when they encounter less than ideal conditions, but our team is specially trained in the correct techniques and gear to use when encountering these complex and demanding environments. Every expert photographer we send uses flagship professional gear that is specifically designed to capture usable images in near dark conditions when a flash is not practical. And when we use supplementary lighting, we use the best techniques that give a soft and natural look to the images, unlike the harsh direct flash our competitors so often use as a crutch.

Do You Need A Corporate Event Photographer or Videographer For An Upcoming Event?