Corporate Event Services

While we are known for our  skilled and talented creative professionals with state-of-the-art equipment and technique, we can help with a lot more than top-quality photos and video.  In addition to everything you would expect from a professional photography and videography company, we also provide a variety of event and entertainment services that can enhance your next corporate event or trade show, as well as take the stress out of sourcing and supervising additional vendors. .

Whether you want a glamorous red-carpet entrance, an interactive photo-booth with props and costumes, a VIP meet and greet in front of a custom-branded step-and-repeat, or an on-site green screen studio with limitless background choices, we can provide a turn-key solution.

Our mobile studio setup run by a professional photographer can include lights and a seamless backdrop that not only yield premium quality photos, but also add significant prestige to your event.

Our interactive photo-booth setups can perform lead capture while offering animated gifs, boomerangs, and other trendy branded images that your guests will be happy to share on social media.

Want to attract and engage more people? We have access to colorful characters and beautiful models such as Elvis impersonators, Vegas Showgirls, and more.

We also offer plenty of additional services which can enhance the experience; including custom step-and-repeat design and production, on-site physical photo printing with custom picture frames, and even custom-branded online photo galleries where your guests can retrieve their photos


Scalable Convention and Corporate Photography

Our roster of talented and professional event photographers are experts in their trade.  We ensure that our crews arrive by call-time, in a presentable appearance, with redundant essential equipment, OSHA Certification and full insurance that will satisfy any venue’s vendor requirements.  Our corporate photographer comes prepared with the latest techniques, proper equipment, and a can-do attitude to make sure you get the best coverage possible!

Whether you need images of your convention, seminar, trade-show, or corporate party for marketing materials, promotional campaigns, press releases, social media presence, or internal reference material, we can provide a scalable team to meet your specs.  We send out solo photographers as often as crews of 5-10, and assemble even larger teams for more demanding needs.  This way, when you have a crucial keynote speech taking place in one room, we can simultaneously cover concurrent training sessions, the trade-show floor, and green-room meet and greets at the same time.

We are experts in handling multifaceted projects and have extensive experience scheduling crews that provide full media coverage under the most complex scheduling restraints.  We are eager to hear about your project and consult on the best methods to accomplish all of your visual media needs.

A Full Suite of Video Services

No matter how big or small, we can provide the coverage that best suits your needs.  Perhaps you want a multi-camera shoot of your 5,000-attendee awards ceremony with roaming stabilized video, while we get b-roll footage of your guests entering the room and networking.   Simultaneously, we could also be shooting a time-lapse on your expo floor, and interviews with attendees and VIPs.  Or your needs might just be a single camera operator to shoot a seminar or presentation from the back of the room.

  As everything is shot by experienced crew with only professional equipment, we have the knowledge and means to get the best footage from your event’s unique circumstances. We can patch into your audio mixer to get a live feed from your microphones, ensuring the best possible quality audio instead of a booming echo from the PA speakers.  We can provide affordable professional lighting rigs to make sure your presenters still look good on stage, when the venue’s A/V options were out of budget.   We can even shoot a motion stabilized, sped-up, hyperlapse walkthrough of your expo floor, when you want to showcase the massive scope of your event in a short and fun teaser clip.

Live Streaming

As the world continues to move online, we make it possible to give your audience the experience of being at your event without the need to travel.  Bring your event to those who are unable to physically attend your conference, seminar, training session, or meeting by live streaming the presentation to their home or office.

We can broadcast any event with either single or multi-camera video switching to public or private YouTube channels, Zoom, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Live, Twitch, and other popular streaming services in full HD quality.   If you also want to turn the live-casted event into a product or value-added service for your attendees, we are also able to transform the mixed video feed into a variety of standard formats for immediate distribution.

Looking to setup your own broadcast studio for live streaming or podcasting? We offer consulting services for that as well!

Image Editing & Post-Processing

Along side our expert team of photographers, we have the best post-processors and retouchers in the event business.  Whether you need on-site rush delivery of photos from an event that is happening live, a comprehensive custom color correct on your new marketing image library, or custom retouching, we can help.  

Unlike many photographers who just dump all their photos into one folder for delivery (a frequent complaint we often hear about our competitors), ALL of our images are professionally organized for you no matter how large or small your shoot.  We cull for duds and duplicates, apply metadata for SEO optimization, and logically sort into an organized folder structure by date and activity for easy retrieval by you and your team.  But our post-processing capabilities do not just stop there, we offer full color correction services as well.

While many hotels and convention centers have beautiful ballrooms and meeting rooms, due to dim lighting or unusual color palettes, it may be impossible for even the most skilled photographer to get the perfect photo for every shot list in-camera.   After all, ambient mood lighting may feel great in person, but as far as the camera is concerned, harsh shadows and heavy tinted light rarely make a flattering photo.  When you still need the best images from even the most demanding situations, that’s where our post-processing team comes in. They know exactly what to do to optimize and polish each photo to make them look their best!

When image quality is of paramount importance, we shoot all photos in Camera RAW format (equivalent to a digital version of a film “negative”) and then manually process all of the images with adjustments made for exposure and contrast balance, color accuracy and vibrancy, geometry correction and cropping, along with other local adjustments that deliver the absolute highest quality event photos you can get!  

 We can also provide assistants or on-site editors to process photos during your event, when urgency is necessary for press releases or social media updates.  

And of course, if you don’t have a need for post-processed top-quality images and are on a tighter budget with urgent time constraints, we can also hand over the untouched JPGs straight from the camera with no editing.  They may not be as polished as post-processed images, but they will certainly be the best out-of-camera photos possible.

Trade-Show and Expo Booth Photography

If you are an exhibitor at a Las Vegas trade show or convention, your booth is where some of your most important business is conducted and lucrative sales are made.  When you put great effort into cultivating the space that will be synonymous with your brand image, you do not want to show it off with poorly composed cell phone snaps.  Just like there is an art to great booth design, there is an art to getting excellent booth photos.  We take pride in providing this service to a wide variety of clients throughout many diverse industries, as well as booth designers looking to showcase their latest work.  We have shot for Fortune 500 companies with sprawling million-dollar booths and small businesses with pop-up kiosks.   

We are accustomed to arriving before show hours to shoot bracketed, HDR style, architecture quality photos of your booth as well as being available during the show to capture the networking and interaction of attendees with your staff.

One of many options available to uniquely show off your booth is the latest style of masking out the cluttered background of a trade-show floor to make your booth literally stand out.

On-Site Headshot Stations

Another in-demand service we provide is professional headshot studios; sometimes offered as a free incentive to attendees on an expo floor trade-show booth, or conveniently scheduled while all of your key staff is attending an executive summit.  We can bring a high -mobile portrait photo studio directly to your event. 

As with all our services, our headshot packages are completely scalable with a variety of options that meet your specific needs.  We can help advise scheduling techniques and add photographers and stations should you have the need for a high volume of headshots taken in a short period of time.  Our current record is for AT&T, for whom we photographed 87 different people’s headshots in only 18 minutes!!

For most headshot studios, we set up a full lighting kit with a variety of background colors.  All images are immediately available for preview on a portable computer, and final selections for processing can be made by the subject while still on site.   We can also bring skilled Hair and Makeup Artists to make sure each portrait subject looks their best.  And if that is still not enough quality for you, we can offer a range of retouching services to refine the images up to an advertising level polish.

Red Carpets, Photo Booths & Green Screens

Nothing will give your event the prestige it deserves more than a red-carpet experience for your guests.  Attendees love having their photo taken with the bright lights and professional photographer in front of your custom branded backdrop. We stock a variety of standard background options as well as the red carpet itself.  If you are looking for something more custom, we also have the lowest cost on custom printed step-and-repeats in the industry.

Do you want to add a fun entertainment feature inside the event?  We provide a variety of photo-booth experiences complete with costumes and props.  In addition to setting up a full mobile studio manned by a professional photographer, we can also supply interactive kiosks, complete with animated GIF images, boomerangs, and printed or emailed photos.  Our photo-booths can even be used for lead-capture, if you would like to collect the names and emails of your prospective clients.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in interactive photo experiences.  Don’t like the look of a printed backdrop? We can use green-screen technology to superimpose any image you like to set the scene. Have your guests stand in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, under the sea, or anywhere your imagination can dream of!

We offer on-site printing with photo-lab quality prints to give to your guests.  These can even be customized with watermarks or custom frames memorializing your event.

Photo Galleries, On-Site Printing & Distribution

If you’re looking to maintain engagement past the event, distributing keepsake images to your attendees is a great way to do it.  It may seem like a daunting task when you are hosting thousands of people, however with you are working with the experts: We utilize a variety of proven methods to get these memories into the hands of your attendees… 

Literally!  One of the most common requests we receive to accompany photo booths and red-carpet experiences is the inclusion of an on-site professional photo printer.  Our state of the art, mobile dye-sublimation printers can produce an astounding 7 prints per minute, which is perfect when large groups all want a copy of the same photo at the same time.  We print either 4×6 or 5×7 photos instantaneously, including a branded watermark and custom frames at your preference.

We can also build a custom branded online photo gallery, which can be hosted directly on any available domain name.  Your attendees can download their photos from the site as well as share them directly to social media.  We can also watermark the photos so your branding is visible every time these photos are shared. 

The biggest question we always get from attendees is: “Where can I get these photos?”  With our custom-printed referral cards, we can provide the online gallery link in an easy to remember and access format. Our online galleries can even be used for lead-capturing, which is always a huge asset for use in trade-show booths. 

Models, Talent & Entertainers

Want to spice up your red carpet or photobooth experience?  Are you looking for unique entertainment options that engage your audience? Our extensive experience in the event and production industry in Las Vegas has developed an extensive roster of models, impersonators, entertainers, musicians and other unique personas that add the finishing touches on your immersive experiences. Whatever the theme of your event, we have somebody on call to tie it all together.

Elegant Cocktail Reception? How about a light jazz trio and roaming magicians?

Vegas Red Carpet Experience? You can have Elvis wrangle attendees over to pose with showgirls wearing your company colors in front of the Las Vegas Sign!

Need a DJ?  Belly Dancers?  Fire Performers?  What about Cher? Prince? Marilyn Monroe? Bumblebee the Transformer? We’ve supplied them all to our clients and have many more unique talent options available to provide that extra level of engagement you’re looking for. Let us know who you are looking for or what the theme of your event is, and we’ll let you know what options available.

Incentive Travel Photography

Corporate events tend to balance essential education and team-building networking with memorable and unique experiences that guarantee attendees are left with a lasting positive impression.   The excitement of travel to the conference and the ability to participate in those activities is a big reason your audience is incentivized to attend in the first place.

Whether it’s helicopter rides through the Grand Canyon, an exclusive internal golf tournament, movie screening, or celebrity meet and greets, we know how to get the most engaging and dynamic photos that can make anybody wish they were there.  Showing your prospective attendees what fun they’re missing is a surefire way to make them excited to attend and avoid missing any future events.

Aside from being able to provide an energetic and creative photographer to chronicle your planned activities, we are often consulted on what other activities could be possible.  Especially in our headquartered city of Las Vegas, Nevada, where we have built a vast network of team building companies and other unique experiences.   There is simply too much to list here, so contact us for more information on how we can find a custom solution that best fits your event’s style.

And More

While our company focuses on traditional photo/video services, our extensive experience in the event industry has built a large network of reliable and talented vendors in Las Vegas. We have strong connections with booth designers, event decoration specialists, florists, catering companies and more. If you are looking to fill in the gaps in planning your event, it doesn’t hurt to mention it to us. We may have the perfect fit for your needs.

We’re not limited to Las Vegas either. We frequently travel to provide our services to conventions and trade shows in cities around the globe. Most of our team is passport ready, and available for travel, so if you want the best corporate photographers available, you don’t need to take your chances with an inexperienced local from a craigslist ad.
Additionally, we are not only limited to event photography. If you have any other photo and video needs not addressed specifically on our website, we have team members that also specialize in product, culinary, architectural and other disciplines.

Don’t see something you need on our website, just ask! We’re happy to consult on any request, no matter how unusual. Please CONTACT US or give us a call today at 702-479-7600 so we can discuss your needs in greater detail and put together a quote that works within your budget.

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